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Depth - Album Out 20/03/2020 available for Pre Order.
Room Zero

Seven tracks of Electronica featuring Dr Jordan B. Peterson ,Nicole Carino and Krystyna Nowak.

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Reach The Surface -Single
Room Zero - Featuring Krystyna Nowak

Two mixes of the single Reach The Surface - Featuring Krystyna Nowak

Don't Fear Your Fear EP -Single
Room Zero - Featuring Nicole Carino

Four remixes of the single Don't Fear Your Fear- Featuring Nicole Carino

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Icarus by Starfi Electronica 
Room Zero Before The Burn-Remix
Icarus Room Zero.jpg
Icarus by Starfi Electronica 
Room Zero - Watch The Sun-Remix
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Debut EP Someone Like You
Room Zero

A collection of electronic tracks with vocal collaboration

from Becca Richardson and Sorrel Meechan. 

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